Leslie Mozingo I have always strived to evaluate challenges from every angle, seeking a multidimensional approach that both solves a problem and, ideally, creates a new opportunity. After 23 years with one Washington, DC government relations firm, 17 of which I was a partner/owner, I decided I could still do what I do best — advocacy, training and speaking on federal issues — and make it more affordable.

With these goals in mind, I formed Strategics Consulting, LLC in 2013.

There is no objective too big or too small for Strategics. In addition to my skills, I have a network of professionals whose specialties I bring in based on the expertise needed for the task. Results are far more important to me than getting credit for how we got there. I also do not accept jobs unless I believe Strategics can make a difference.

Bring me your challenges; together, we will turn them into achievements.

Leslie Mozingo
CEO and Owner















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