Strategic Consulting evaluates challenges from every angle, seeking a multidimensional approach that both solves a problem, and, ideally, creates a new opportunity.

Leslie Mozingo (CEO/Owner) created Strategics Consulting in 2013 after 23 years with one Washington, DC government relations firm, 17 of which she was a partner/owner. Leslie decided she could still do what she does best - advocacy, training, and speaking on federal issues - and make it more affordable. The success and expertise found within the team of Strategics Consulting is the result of these goals.

There is no objective too big or too small for Strategics. In addition to our skills, we have a network of professionals whose specialties we bring in based on the expertise needed for the task. Results are far more important than getting credit for how we got there. We do not accept jobs unless we believe Strategics can make a difference.

Bring us your challenges; together, we will turn them into achievements.

Leslie MozingoLeslie Mozingo, CEO and Owner



Amy KirschbaumAmy Kirschbaum, Grants Director



Kyle LeopardKyle Leopard, J.D., Government Affairs Advisor



Ryan MurphyRyan Murphy, J.D., Government Affairs Advisor



Shirley A. SpeidellShirley Speidell, Government Affairs Director



Sarah SnaoSarah Snow, Executive Assistant



Zach HurwitzZach Hurwitz, Legislative Assistant





Ron HammRon Hamm, Senior Advisor



Bill HankaBill Hanka, Senior Advisor



DH Leonard ConsultingDH Leonard Consulting, Grant Writing Services



Megrath ConsultingMegrath Consulting, Grant Writing Services



RBW Strategy, Grant Writing ServicesRBW Strategy, Grants Management Services




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